Lifelike Scenes

by The Ciem Show

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This album is entirely self-funded, recorded, and produced.


released May 15, 2010

2010 Deaf Locust Productions in association with Destroy All Productions




The Ciem Show New Egypt, New Jersey

The Ciem Show invites the listener on a journey into the realm of the absurd, through surreal landscapes of sonic exploration and meaningful dissociation.

Churning textures and shifting rhythms form a sort of soundtrack of the mind; Given that it is the mind of a manic-depressive chimpanzee going through an existential crisis.
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Track Name: Scene I: Cataclysmic Order
Searching for sight beyond what the eyes can see ⋄ Reaching in the dark for some kind of tangible ⋄ Existential clarity ⋄ Into the light of a thousand burning suns times infinity ⋄ The revelation that irony is hidden in every catastrophe ⋄ And within each moment of every collapsing star (the realization) ⋄ That cosmic truth is on the tip of a serpent’s tongue ⋄ And time is the lie that’s spoken through the voice of the blind ⋄ Denied the evidence of the soul that cannot be told ⋄ Awake within this forever dreaming universe ⋄ A dream that turns the spirit into the flesh ⋄ Our eyes are wide open but cannot focus ⋄ On something so surreal ⋄ This is real ⋄ It’s not a question of truth or deception ⋄ We’re falling from nothing to nothing then back again
Track Name: Scene II: Evolution Sickness: i. Existing Without Being / ii. Being Without Existing
Words unspoken and thoughts that echo in the mind ⋄ Overriding self contemplation ⋄ Feed the obsession ⋄ See the world without reflection ⋄ I’m so deep down in a hole ⋄ Don’t speak I know what you’re thinking ⋄ And I know that this is only ⋄ The beginning of the suffering ⋄ Life is fading ⋄ Fate is tragedy ⋄ Bound to fall just like every wave ⋄ Comes crashing down ⋄ Death is in every sound ⋄ What does one suppose would be heard ⋄ In the words of ghosts and shadows of our imagination ⋄ We’re calling ⋄ In a voice that turns to razors ⋄ It feeds the storm ⋄ In a world unknown that cannot be called our own ⋄ Souls in the absence of knowing are as victims of self-deceit ⋄ Where as the eyes are familiar there’s no chance that the ego can think to spoil our innocence ⋄ From the evident we’ve made phantoms of perception and truth ⋄ And I fear that tomorrow will be no different ⋄ Cold matter ⋄ Voiceless grey ⋄ Here after ⋄ Only to exist in dreams ⋄ And fear...
Track Name: Scene III: Derealization
Track Name: Scene IV: Anamorpic Sleep
Is this life ⋄ Or just death disguised living reality ⋄ All in vain ⋄ Perception staring into an illusion ⋄ Through the eyes of the dead ⋄ We suffocate ⋄ Just to breathe ⋄ In this place we’re all the same ⋄ Ill-fated and broken ⋄ Who are you to take our precious dreams away ⋄ Who are you to know that you took anything at all ⋄ Because the rain won’t fall ⋄ If there’s nothing to recall ⋄ For acclimation springs ⋄ Forth a new beginning’s end.... ⋄ If only this curse ⋄ Took something from substance ⋄ And made it a blessing ⋄ But how would we know ⋄ The difference without adversity ⋄ Fate henceforth bestowed ⋄ Sensation controls ⋄ And emanates through all ⋄ Thus stagnation falls ⋄ Heeding to the call ⋄ Of selflessness preceding ⋄ Conscious acts of being ⋄ Sleep walking anomaly ⋄ With closed eyes staring from the womb ⋄ A pitch black view of reality ⋄ Buried by remnants of that which has been forgotten ⋄ The birth of tragedy ⋄ Only to begin yet again
Track Name: Scene V: Effects of Somnambulism
Track Name: Scene VI: Theme for Lost Children
I can’t give you all my dreams ⋄ Nor the life I live ⋄ You and I won’t friendship miss ⋄ That’s all we got to give ⋄ Who will take your dreams away ⋄ Takes your soul another day ⋄ What can never be lost is gone ⋄ It’s stolen in a way ⋄ Please, don’t stand too close to me ⋄ Can you hear my heart ⋄ Take my woe and lean on me ⋄ When we’re not apart ⋄ Now our mission is complete ⋄ And our friends are hid ⋄ Evil things brought down by the light ⋄ Life goes on until the end
Track Name: Scene VII: Shattered Self-Reflection
I cannot remember what it was that came before ⋄ All I know is that I’m alone (within each fragment of every thinking body) ⋄ Subjective pieces of a collective unconscious ⋄ Which have been dispersed upon reflection ⋄ Each remnant in solitude trying to find their way back home ⋄ Shaping their own images ⋄ Before the night conceived the stars ⋄ Before the dawn ⋄ Before the eyes deceived us all ⋄ A place I no longer recall ⋄ I must have been sleepwalking ⋄ Through my nightmares ⋄ In which I caught a glimpse ⋄ Of my own self reflection ⋄ Becoming aware of my own futility ⋄ Is this real ⋄ Nothing ⋄ Or just something ⋄ Is real ⋄ I’ve been longing ⋄ To feel ⋄ I tried to create ⋄ In order to understand ⋄ And now that I know ⋄ I have become ⋄ More incomplete